About Us

Founded by parents of a child diagnosed with Down syndrome

Like many of you, we had no idea what to expect when our child was diagnosed with Down syndrome after birth. Though, we have learned quite a bit. Most importantly we learned that we've been given a gift. While some aspects of raising a child with Down Syndrome are different than raising a typically developing child, many aspects are the same. We've been to countless doctors and therapists and we have done a good bit of research. A primary goal of this organization is to support parents of children with Down syndrome.



Inclusion, value & acceptance

That is our mission. We want to play an active roll in our community to make children and adults with Down syndrome feel included, valued and accepted in our society. Though our events and projects we hope to bring people together.  We want our community to see that individuals with Down syndrome are more alike us than different, and that they are active and involved members of our society. 

  • Community support is the primary goal of our organization. We intend to support our community and surrounding area by not only creating events to get people together and spread awareness, but also to provide support for individuals who have a dependent with Down syndrome
  • Consolidation of resources is the secondary goal of our organization.  We hope that through this site, it's volunteers, and this organization we can provide our community and surrounding area with a central point for learning about the resources available in our area to service families who have dependents with special needs.  We will continually update the Resources section of this site.  It will be centered on, but not limited to resources for families who have a dependent with Down syndrome.  Because the resources that aid children or adults with Down syndrome are valuable to others who have special needs.  You will find links to therapist, other organizations like our own, and government programs in our Resources section.
  • Community involvement is the tertiary goal of our organization.  Part of our mission is inclusion.  We will do everything we can as an organization to make people with special needs included in our community and surrounding area.  We are working on a Community Super Stars section of this site that will highlight businesses and individuals that excel in their efforts to include individuals with special needs through employment or support.